National day of Oman 18th Nov.

National Day and Birthday of Sultan Qaboos of Oman

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said
Long life to his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on the 39 National Day (18-NOV-2009)
“39 years passed from Oman’s precious life, and we still LOVE you more than what we did Yesterday, and we will LOVE you Tomorrow more than what we do Today God bless you dearest Father, Leader and King ever and forever”

Speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to his people he took the reins of government on July 23, 1970 The first thing I promise myself that Qayyim Start as soon as possible I make a modern government and the first goal that eliminated unnecessary commands which Tershon under. Dear people .. I will work as soon as possible to made you happy to live a better future, and every one of you help in this duty was our last in a famous and strength, and that our unity and cooperation, we will re our past again and we will have a prominent shop in the Arab world, I maker legal steps to receive recognition from friendly foreign countries, I look forward to support the prompt and friendly cooperation with our neighbors and be in force for a long time and consult with us for the future of our region. I would urge you to continue your lives as usual and I came across the home during the next few days and my main goal, I'll tell you what it.

People .. I am of my new goal is to accomplish our common goal .. Yesterday it was dark, but with God's help tomorrow Sicherq dawn on Oman and its people, God Hfezna

Siku hii ni kumbukumbu katika moyo wa kila Omani anasherehekea kila mwaka
Kuanzia miaka ya mema tangu alfajiri ya mwaka 1970 Renaissance alipochukua hukumu ya nchi Sultani Qaboos bin Said.

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