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Rolltop Computing Get ready to roll and go with this multi-touch laptop Orkin Design

Laptops of the future have arrived carrying shapes and designs as were never conceived before. No longer is it necessary for laptops to carry the traditional flat and slightly rectangular shape. In some time, it would be passé and almost unfashionable to be seen carrying a laptop of such an ancient design.

Though many cool designs have been offered for the laptops of the future, most are either unrealistic or two far away in terms of production. Some have awesome designs but fall flat when it comes to practicality. The D-Roll laptop concept wins on all accounts. Designed by Hao Hua, the D-Roll or Digital Roll laptop is intended to be the next generation laptop design and completely deviates from the traditional look of today’s laptops. Designed like an artist’s scroll, the D-Roll laptop has an OLED screen which can be rolled up and includes straps at the side for easy portability. The straps also work as places for USB plug-ins. The D-Roll laptop comes with a detachable webcam which can be worn on the body. The keyboard slides out and the laptop includes a mouse as well.

The D-Roll laptop may be a concept currently but the design is inspiring and would definitely catch the eyes of other designers wishing to create a better looking and practical laptop. If this hits the market, it would be swept off the shelves in no time

Laptops keep getting thinner and lighter, but some concept laptops take portable to a new level. Orkin Design's Rolltop consists of an OLED display that can start as a rolled-up mat and deploy as a multi-touch 17-inch laptop. My beastly HP laptop just shed a tear of envy. The Orkin laptop can also transform into a tablet PC operable with a stylus, or become a standup flat screen display. A power adapter and other features fit with the carrying canister that comes with a convenient holding strap.


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Very interesting design!!

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I actually want this. Hopefully it'll actually happen and come out soon