Cyclone Phet targets Oman

Oman inakabiliwa na upepo mkali Hurricane "Phet"

Oman is preparing for Hurricane "Phet" amid fears of a repeat disaster, "Gonu"
A state of emergency and evacuate residents to safe places

Cyclone Phet targets Oman

A powerful and strengthening cyclone is just hours away from the coast of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

The cyclone, packing sustained winds of 130mph, with gusts of 160mph and an expected storm surge of 26 feet (8 metres), is expected to move over Oman in the next 36 hours. The storm, locally named 'Phet', is expected to cause widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure.

The island of Masirah off the east coast has been evacuated ahead of the storms arrival. Phet is currently heading toward Masirah at six miles (10 km) per hour, forecast to hit the island on Friday, before veering toward the coast of Pakistan. Shipping in the Arabian Gulf is expected to be disrupted as the cyclone bears down.

In recent weeks parts of Pakistan and India have been experiencing their most intense heat wave in 100 years, with temperatures soaring to over 52C. Although the worst of Phet's winds are likely to have subsided by the time the cyclone reaches the coasts of India and Pakistan on Sunday, heavy rain accompanying the storm is likely to bring flash flooding.

Phet is stronger than Cyclone Gonu, which tore through Oman in 2007, killing at least 50 people and causing damage worth £2.5 billion

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