African Soukous Demo (Sina Makosa Lead)

Best Remembered

[Sina Makosa - Les Wanyika] - tizedboy

Huyu ni wangu yule ni wako
Chuki ya nini kati yangu
Mimi na wewe

Nasema.....Sina Makosa eee bwana aa

Wewe una wako nyumbani nami nina wangu nyumbani
Chuki ya nini kati yangu mimi na wewe


Ukilijulia Guiter ni raha sana yani ona wenzetu walojaaliwa vipaji vya kupiga guiter, Unaweza kukaa peke yako ukalisakata guiter kwa zilipendwa utakumbuka mbali na kutoa mawazo.

Les Wanyika was a prominent band with Kenyan and Tanzanian members and was based in Kenya. It was formed in 1978 when guitarist Omar Shabani, bassist Tom Malanga and two other members left Simba Wanyika. They were joined by John Ngereza and Issa Juma. Les Wanyika made many popular recordings, but are best remembered for their 1979 classic Sina Makosa. Vocalist Issa Juma left the band soon afterwards to concentrate on other musical projects. The group continued until Omar Shabani's death in 1998. John Ngereza died two years later.
The death of bandleader and guitarist John Ngereza in February 2000 put the future of the Kenyan band Les Wanyika in jeopardy. An offshoot of Simba Wanyika, a band that moved from Tanzania to Kenya in 1991, Les Wanyika had continued to inspire dancing with their energetic approach to African rumba. Although little known outside of Africa, the band was cherished in its homeland and their lengthy list of regional hits include "Sina Makosa," "Paulina," and "Pamela." Their sound was crystal clear with lovely guitaring and infectious singing.

You will all agree that this is classic Swahili rumba with great guitar interweaving and some very cool horn/sax combinations. Combining new recordings of old hits and new tunes, Les Wanyika recorded their final album, Amigo, in 1998. Rhythm guitarist and chief composer Omari Shebani died shortly before the album's release. For a brief period, in the late '70s, members of Les Wanyika also played together as Super Wanyika.


Anonymous said...

Enzi hizo music hulikuwa babukubwa .We real thanks those guy [simba wanyika]

Anonymous said...

Aaiioooo... le le le lile le le lilo Ohh Ohh Mama ..
(Man, thanx, I've been looking this track for a long time)

Anonymous said...

the strings plucked on that guitar are classic mazee.shukran

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